We are great dentists with good hearts. As most of the marketing firms teach to find WORK in every patient, we don’t. We treat you with the same dignity which we expect for ourselves.


Your Team

A place where we take dentistry seriously but not ourselves. A place to have fun, laugh and be family.

We don’t pay companies for fake 5 star reviews. Out of our 8000 strong patient pool, we have the best of people who love us and make dentistry worthwhile.

Nova has a record of 4 tallest dentist in CT under one roof !!!
We are more than friends, we are like a really small gang.

Come visit our playroom even if you don’t have an appointment. Smile more! it releases endorphins which release stress.

Teeth Made, Sharpened and Polished


Crown & Bridgework

Dental Implants


Pediatric Dentistry



What Patients are Saying

“A Great Experience”

“I had a great experience at Nova Dental. Is difficult to believe but I had a totally painless root canal treatment. Extremely happy. Strongly recommend this place.



“I recommend this place if your kids need braces. They have the most affordable options and the service and hours are great!”


“Nice Staff & Doctors”

“Nice staff; doctor quietly pleasant, and there was no problem with returning for minor adjustment. very pleased. plan to take my child there, and send my husband there as well.”

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